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Christian Identity Card

The beatitudes as the identity of the Christian This Christian identity card can be downloaded and filled out with your name, date and place of baptism, as another means to remember who we are called to be. Each beatitude is manifested into attitudes They all stand out in the life of Jesus and Christians seek […]

Infographics to quit pornography in four steps, Wenceslao Vial

Abandoning Pornography in Four Steps

Happy life without the slavery of pornography Watching pornography harms the body and mind. Abandoning Pornography in Four Steps presents a practical way to cut out this dark, joy-sapping vice or addiction. Download text and infographic in PDF Download infographic image in JPG View and download infographic in VSG Pornography affects the mental health of […]

Pyramid of the Christian Maturity

Infographic: Pyramid of the Christian Maturity

How to mature and become good people We present Christian maturity in a psychological-spiritual perspective, as a pyramid of three blocks or three binomials, which are built, mysteriously, in a simultaneous manner. It is an itinerary in three dimensions, which we will explain after the infographic:  Identity / Faith  Autonomy / Hope  Self-esteem / Charity What is […]

Mirar sin prejuicios. Comprender a los demás, para crecer en amistad y ayudar sin herir. Sembrar paz y alegría, escucha empática

Infographic: Empathic listening

Tips for listening and understanding Everyone has a deep longing to be understood, valued and appreciated. When dealing with another person, what we say to them may not interest them at all. However, it is unlikely that they are indifferent to feeling understood. Original article in Spanish Download the infographic and text in PDF Download […]

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