Mental Health and personality

Personality and Spiritual Life in 14 minutes videos

14 minute videos about personality, sexuality and spiritual life. It deals with gender ideology, hormone treatments and sex change interventions. What is the medical way to deal with these situations? Only the fourth video has English subtitles.
Wenceslao Vial

1. Mi carácter y yo

Am I responsible for the way I am? Keys to understand why we are the way we are and the means to grow -mature-, with serenity and constancy. It is possible to become better human beings and therefore happier.


2. ¿Psicólogo o sacerdote?

How do you know when you need a doctor, a psychologist or a priest? Help from the unity of the person.

3. Vida espiritual y salud mental

How does spiritual life influence mental health? Some keys to prevent problems and grow in humanity.


4. Same-sex attraction (with English subtitles)

What can lead to being attracted to the same sex? What is a desire? How do desires develop in people? What differentiates a good desire from a bad one? Can a person control his or her desires? How?


5. Ideología de género: desmontando errores

What are the errors of gender ideology? It is necessary to take into account the differences between men and women in order not to cause major problems in society and in marriage. Influence in personality and sexuality.

How to act in exceptional cases of genetic malformations?


6. La realidad de la “reasignación de sexo” (personality and sexuality)

Gender identity is not something fixed or innate.

What consequences does the person suffer when he or she decides to change sex? They are amputation operations -therefore, irreversible- of healthy limbs. Do they solve the internal conflict that the person has?


7. Médicos más allá de sus competencias

Why deny someone access to professional help to modify their sexual desire for persons of the same sex? Why deny them this right and a possibility that science shows to be feasible in a high percentage? What is the role of personality in sexuality and vice versa?

It is neither coherent nor scientific to facilitate external changes of sexual attributes, with complex and costly operations, and deny, on the other hand, the possibility of modifying a simple sexual desire. What can doctors or psychologists do in practice to those who ask about their sexual orientation?





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